Sometimes understanding all this new digital jargon can be difficult, which is why we have broken it down into an analogy that is easy to digest and easily relatable. When it comes to website design and building a website, it’s a lot like building a house. Maybe you need a brand new shiny website, a bit of a redesign or just a quick spruce. Whatever it is, our website design agency in Coventry can help you do it, and help you to understand the process.

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Custom Build or Template Websites (Off-Plan)

Just like building a house, when it comes to your website you can custom build a site or use a website template. A custom build website will inevitably cost more, just as a custom built house will always cost more than buying off-plan. The benefit of course, is by building a brand new website you can ensure it meets your specific business wants and requirements. Our web design agency Birmingham will take time to sit with you and understand your needs and ensure sufficient research is done to create the perfect custom website.

Quick Refresh

Sometimes your website just needs a quick makeover, whether it’s to freshen up the look or improve the basic functions. Just like redecorating your house, a little redesign or a touch up can make a big difference to the overall impact and feel of the space.

Structurally Solid

You need your website to be structurally solid. You wouldn’t set about laying your own groundwork for your house, so why do it with a website? It’s essential to get the skeleton of the site right, to ensure the best possible user interface and experience. Our Coventry web design agency can ensure your website is structurally sound before you start the build.

Website Hosting & Domains

You can’t build a house without a plot of land to build on, similarly you can’t have a website without a domain and somewhere to host it. Our web design Birmingham experts can help you set up exactly where you want and need to be.

Website Add-Ons

As a leading digital agency Coventry, we aim to include everything you need in the concept designs and planning stages, before we create the website. However, sometimes things crop up along the way, and just like building a house this can incur additional charges for labour, resources and structural changes. It’s not always as simple as a quick click and a few coding changes but it’s always worth it to get it right.

Website Content

A house wouldn’t be complete without its contents, nor would a website. Content is there to look good and be functional; for the desired finish it’s sometimes good to bring in the experts, an interior designer (design agency) who knows their stuff!

Final Viewing

Before moving into your new home you will always go back for one final inspection to make sure everything is as it should be. We are web design Coventry experts so we can ensure your site is perfect before you launch, we’ll do extensive tests and if something isn’t right, we will adjust it before the site is live for the world to see.

Website Maintenance

Often people think that once the website is live, that’s that. However, maintaining a user friendly, high performing website requires a lot of work, just like maintaining a beautiful house.  A website can need updates, cleaning, fixing, and it needs to be secure. Adding security to your home doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than having to rebuy everything. Website security is much the same; it’s better to invest at the beginning than recover after a hack or issue.

Digital Marketing

You don’t build a house then not invite your family and friends to visit, so once your website is live, you need to attract visitors to the site. You may decide to invite people via text, phone call, email, WhatsApp, it all depends on whom you want to invite. Similarly, there are multiple ways to attract users to your site depending on who the customer is. Our digital marketing experts can help you implement the best marketing strategy for your business and brand.

AIM Internet a Birmingham based  Web Design Agency

Working with a digital agency will ensure your business stands out from the crowd. Not only can AIM Internet a Website Design Agency work with you to build a website specifically for your businesses needs, we can implement a digital marketing strategy to ensure you’re clicks turn into conversions.  

Ask about AIM Growth, AIM Digital , AIM Social and AIM Marketing

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