So you’ve made a decision to use PPC, but where exactly do you want the customer to go? What is the aim of the ad they’ve just clicked on? The answer, of course, is conversion. So how exactly do you achieve this?

Just because a customer has clicked on your ad it doesn’t mean they’re gong to buy anything. A huge amount of planning and strategising needs to go into the creation of landing pages for paid traffic. You need to continually test different elements to compare ROI (Return On Investment) in order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

However, a common mistake is to direct all paid traffic to the same page, often the homepage. The visitor then has a choice, stay on the site and search for exactly what it is they’re looking for or leave. Why take the risk?

The key to effectively converting paid traffic that lands on your website is to tailor make your landing page depending on where the traffic has come from.

Search Engine Paid Traffic

If a visitor reaches your page from a paid Google, Bing, or Yahoo ad, you’re already on to a winner, so don’t waste that conversion. These users are actively searching for something you have to offer so there is absolutely no reason for them not to get it from you. They are more likely to convert that any other PPC route.

To help secure a conversion you need to direct the user to the most relevant page on your site established from the search term used. For example, if someone searches ‘luxury men’s watch’, the landing page should be relevant to this search, with content relating to this. Not the homepage that may also have women and children’s watches on making it harder to find what they need. A customer should always be able to get where they need to be in less than three clicks.

Paid Social Traffic

The biggest difference between search and social traffic is that social users are not looking especially for you or what you have to offer. However, social media channels do still allow you to target a specific target audience, which means they probably need a little inspiration / convincing to convert. To avoid high bounce rates these users need to land on a page that clearly and neatly displays your offering. Remember, three clicks and they’ll be gone. You also need to make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly. Nearly 60 per cent of Facebook users access it via their mobile so by ignoring that you’re cutting out over half of your potential conversions.

Online Display Traffic

These users have reached your site through generic ads, so will need to the most convincing out of all paid traffic. The best way to achieve this is to make the landing page aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and interesting. Although conversion rates are lower through Online Display ads, they are necessary to maintain a flow of new visitors.

If you would like advice on where to send your paid traffic, or help implementing PPC in your Coventry business, talk to one of our friendly team on 0870 062 8760.

You might also want to check out our FREE Beginners Guide to PPC.

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